How to Choose the Best Account Management Software?

Account Management Software & Account Management Tools

This feature is used to track prospects and accounts throughout the lifetime of a product or service. Skyrocket your sales using Account Management feature of this CRM Software. Key account management is a strategy that all businesses use to develop good relationships with their most valuable customers. A specialized software, known as key account management software, is required to identify, track, and monitor valuable customers.

Customizable, automated workflows route recommended actions to the right people in real time, so they can step in and improve the experience. Build high-performing teams, improve manager effectiveness, and make informed and timely business decisions. Gathering and manipulating pivotal information about your accounts is pretty much essential for successful sales management. A big advantage of working with MindManager is that it provides a central dashboard for all your account information. Using customizable workflows, task automation and effective deals management, DashThis could prioritize sales activities in one organized hub, enabling them to scale quickly. Dive into this platform’s rich feature set for small businesses in our full Salesforce Essentials review.

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To facilitate maximum cooperation, expose gaps, and create more revenue, combine sales, marketing, and customer success with a single customer perspective. To have organized account planning, you may visually organize your plans so that they are easy to grasp and that you can accomplish them on time. Because understanding the role of influencers is difficult, Revegy depicts influencer relationships as relationship mapping. Through this, organizations can easily understand the part of the influencers and maintain a good relationship with key decision-makers throughout the customer lifecycle.

Account Management Software & Account Management Tools

Most of us rely on Onedrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Sharepoint or network drives but these are designed for storage, not for document management. Searching, sharing and updating documents isn’t as easy compared to a solution custom built for the purpose. LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with 706+ million users in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. Real-time milestone tracking and risk management so you know when things are working—and when they’re not. Your sales team members can communicate via video conferencing right on the platform. In addition, you can create Kanban boards and Gantt charts for different projects and share various documents without leaving the application.

How Much Does Key Account Management Software Cost?

Use the links above to learn more about key Account Management tasks. Mail Statistics gives insights into the best-preferred templates that enable you to plan for future campaigns and get desired results. CRM Telephony aids you in taking customer interaction to the next level. Make calls, log calls, get call analytics & call reminders in industry-standard telephony.

  • We also looked at self-service and help center resources users can access, like tutorials, forums, or training modules.
  • It allows them to track activities such as product usage, satisfaction levels, renewal rates, and more.
  • To facilitate maximum cooperation, expose gaps, and create more revenue, combine sales, marketing, and customer success with a single customer perspective.
  • There are hundreds of automated tools available (like, PersistIQ, and Mailshake, to name just a few) to help you produce, personalize, and schedule your email communications.
  • You can send and collect online payments in the CRM via several integrations like PayPal, Stripe, and
  • Check your contacts’ website activity, and identify new prospects visiting your site.

There are also free client management features for planning collaborative activities with clients from the CRM. Account management CRM software helps account managers and businesses stay engaged with clients, assist their needs, and keep organized contact data and account activity history. While Zendesk Sell is our pick for the best overall account management software, other systems could better fit your business depending on features or product attribute needs. Zoho, for example, stands out for its solid system customization, while Freshsales offers a free, built-in phone system. To determine the best account management system, we evaluated the specific features relevant to assisting business clients, communication with account points of contact, and tracking activity.

Product features

Native integration between NetSuite CRM and commerce platforms helps to enhance the shopping experience. Produces an accurate AI-powered forecast and assist the sales team in taking action. Sync your team’s email, calendars, and to-do lists to stay on the same page. Assign assignments to employees to ensure immediate accountability and use role permissions to protect sensitive data. Shape software consists of specialized tools that are typically costly, costing thousands of dollars when purchased separately.

  • Freshsales, however, dominates with its zero-cost, built-in telephone system.
  • With Custom Opportunity fields as part of your sales forecasting functionality, you can manage and prioritize accounts based on qualifications that matter to your business.
  • Turn customers into advocates by delivering B2B experiences that foster loyalty, increase adoption and deliver back to the bottom line.
  • Before pitching your tent with any account management software, you should ensure that it caters to your business needs.
  • Keep viewings organized MLS Property Insights that track each client’s listings shown, viewed, interested in, or inquired on.

The key for account managers is to identify timely opportunities to deliver incremental value. LinkedIn’s first-party company and profile data can help account managers identify what matters most to an account’s most influential contacts. LinkedIn’s monitoring capabilities allow account managers to craft and deliver upsell pitches that are rooted in insight. Thus, upsells are more likely to gain traction, and less likely to annoy. Help desk users can share the workload of administrators and let them concentrate on core administrative activities instead.

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ADManager Plus is one such simple, hassle-free web-based Active Directory management tool, with secure authentication, which allows you to perform all actions with just mouse clicks. This AD management tool offers administrators customizable templates to manage all the aspects of Active Directory account creation and modification. Moreover, through Account Management Software & Account Management Tools its web-interface, this AD management software offers administrators an absolute control over their Active Directory environment. Service Accounts Management is a free, GUI-based tool designed to easily create, edit, and delete managed service accounts in just a few clicks. The tool is absolutely free and requires no knowledge of PowerShell.

Account Management Software & Account Management Tools

The Garden plan supports multiple sales pipelines and has an Assignment Rules feature, which automatically assigns new lead chats to particular agents or teams based on conditions you specify. With a Garden plan, you can have up to 10 sales teams integrated with the system. It offers a variety of benefits over the free tier, including visually compelling Conversations and Pipeline views.


When you have a few customers, it might be easy to pull these off with little or no external help. However, as a business looking to scale, you need to automate your sales activities, and that’s where account management software and tools come in. Enable your sales and marketing teams with free tools to elevate their productivity — and get all the tracking, reporting, and third-party integrations you need.